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Re: Need some help with a college assignment!

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I'm not sure quite where to start, but once I get going I'll be fine:

"Is there a predominant ‘type’ of gendered body in America today? Discuss with reference to male OR female bodies (not both) and using any two of the readings from weeks 7 (beauty/beauty pageants), 8 (gendered bodies/body size), or 9 (boxing)"
Jinx-01, There are weirder things being discussed in college

As for the OP, have you read your reading assignments from weeks seven or nine? You might want to pick one .. sex, and make an introduction and link it to what you read....

We can't really help you if we don't know what you are supposed to read beyond the topics you mentioned unless someone here somehow did something like this

Did the prof include a rubric?
I didn't even have a textbook until this assignment came up, it wasn't used at any point so I just assumed it was optional. The language in it is just... ugh. Very complicated. I was hoping to only have to look at a couple of paragraphs when I'm tying the assignment in to what I'd supposedly read. Really, I just need the definition of a "gendered body" broken down into something a bit easier to understand. OR:

"Critically reflect upon The Lucia Rijker Story and discuss the film in the context of the readings by Hargreaves and Wacquant (in the reader)."

The movie was about a female boxer. I didn't pay much attention as I hadn't read anything in the readings, but it's on youtube. I think I'm best off with the first question, I do know a boxer irl, but it's associating that with a gendered body that's difficult. The professor suggested either speaking to him about the boxing body vs the "ideal" body and also bought up the point that many female boxers only train and don't actually compete. I could go into the sociology of boxing very easily but not the gender part of it. <-- see what I mean?
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