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Re: 42--the movie

^ McGinley wasn't terrible. Except maybe for his hairpiece.

srsly, I just saw the film and I thought it was great. Only one minor nitpick - the Dodgers were the visiting team in that last game in Pittsburgh, so by definition they couldn't have a walk-off win (the Pirates would still come to bat in the bottom of the ninth). But that's not a big deal really.

Whoever did the CGI for this movie - the flawless digital recreations of places like the Polo Grounds, Ebbets Field, Sportsman's Park, Crosley Field, Forbes Field, etc. - should get an Emmy. Or whatever award they give to effects teams.

And the acting was stellar all around, of course. I bet it was hard for some of those actors to spout off racist bullshit (like Alan Tudyk did as the Phillies manager)...
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