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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

Average episode for me, while I do like Strax, Jenny and Vastra and there was plenty of funny moments to laugh at, the plot felt really rushed & half baked. Got to admit after season 6 more Arc based story this season more standalone style has not been as enjoyable though mostly in the 2nd half of the season. My grades in part 1 were stronger than part 2...

Asylum of the Daleks - Good
Dinosaurs On A Spaceship - Good
A Town called Mercy - Good
Power of Three - Average
The Angels take Manhattan - Excellent

The Bells of Saint John - Good
The Rings of Akhaten - Average
The Cold War - Average
Hide - Good
Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS - Good
The Crimson Horror - Average

With the finale of Who being potentially of the whole Silence & Doctor's name story arc I was hoping for some major build up but we aren't getting it.
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