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Re: Refit Enterprise Interiors (WIP) - Unreal 3 Engine

I'm a little late to the party, but great work as usual!

I'm curious though, about your officer’s lounge,

I know from reading through of the compromise you had to make between onscreen visuals and Shane Johnson’s and Andrew Probert’s blueprint versions of this area. I know you’ve done a ton of work and probably don’t won’t to redo anything, but I may have a (hopefully) helpful suggestion.

Are you familiar with Shane Johnson's revised blueprints he was working on a few years back? Although I unfortunately do not have any samples to show, I remember seeing some on the BBS a ways back (perhaps someone reading this can oblige?). I seem to recall that in this new version, he had essentially turned the O/L around so that the "view screens" backed up against the turbo shafts, leaving the opposite wall more or less open as in Probert’s original concept.

This, IMHO, seemed to be a clever stroke of genius; as this neatly ties everything together? Since we cannot tell from what we saw onscreen which way the O/L is oriented within the ship, either way is “Cann” and the O/L fits within the available space limitations much better. Also we saw very little of the (mostly) invisible fourth wall of the O/L set in ST: TMP anyway, and what was visible (as in your superbly accurate rendition) was what appeared to be a series of smoky translucent panels suggesting the possibility that they might, in-universe, be fold-away or slide-away “privacy partitions” which can either remain closed when necessary or opened up to allow the full view of the lower lounge area with the windows overlooking the aft of the ship?

This all makes much more sense, to me at least, as I never (from an in-universe point of view) understood the logic of having view screens blocking such a spectacular view directly into space, as with the traditionaly assumed orientation of the officers lounge.

Anywho, just food for thought, do what you will with it, use it or ignore it, it’s all good.

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