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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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...anybody else cheer when "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" () fell into the lake of fire?

Being over 40 myself, Gwyneth is the sexiest thing on two legs. The portrayal of her in the IM movies does nothing but emphasize this. She is competent, they have a relationship that is serious and amazing, considering what having billions of dollars is going to do to anyone's personality. The loss that Tony would actually have if Pepper were killed feels real. Now, I didn't believe for a minute that Pepper was dead, but I believed what Tony would have felt watching her fall into the fire.
I think Pepper is the best superhero love interest in these movies. Unlike so many, she brought a lot to the table and I was glad that the first two movies didn't revolve around her getting kidnapped at the end just like Mary Jane in every Raimi Spider-Man film. Even here, the final battle doesn't revolved completely around her kidnapping and she contributes at the end.
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