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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

Guns give people the illusion that folks control their own lives. Before Pres. Obama said it, Libertarian talk host Neil Boortz talked about people clinging to guns and religion.

These folks don't understand that the people robbing them aren't going to sneak into their homes late at night, but their scuzzball employers not paying them enough.

Like direct democracy, Guns and Abortion are about the politics of personal control.
Like the NRA, the NOW get's called a killer of children and babes, the bloody flag is raised, and people demonize each other.

The libertarians--always the voice of the serpent--say we wont tell you what kind of gun this, or what kind of proceedure that, as long as you don't impose regulations on big business the other.

No deal.

Bloomberg--he went after guns, drink sizes, hiding cigarettes--and worse, wants to force women away from formula--and wants to deny pain med in the emergency room? Yet his buds on Wall Street? He didn't touch them.

What we need is the anti-Bloomberg. The morning-after pill going over the counter and 3D printed guns make those other issues moot. The libertarians say he who governs least governs best.

I agree--much easier to watch over the 1% instead of extensive regs on everyone else that just ends up in polorized screaming matches.

Better jobs means less violence and lower unplanned pregnancies--that needs to be the focus. Keep up the Bloomberg anti-gun thing--and its red meat for talk radio types who want to gut any kind of regulation at all.

For the nerxt 20 years, the DNC should focus on one thing only--wages. That is what kept pro-Gun Dem Jon Testor in DC. Stay on that message--no distractions on prohibitions against inanimate objects or substances.

Frankly, the only real time the GOP will support gun control is if the next massacre is in Wall Street. Occupy types were pretty weak compared to these guys:,_USA

when the strike breakers and others hired by the company show up early in the film — the strikers call them "gun thugs" — the company people try to keep their guns hidden from the camera...

Later in the movie, the strikers block a road/rail crossing with high powered rifles and the goons backed down.

I think this will happen, with folks pushing the mask wearing anonymous types out of the way--going by such names as John Doe, saying "this isn't Littleton, or Columbine or Sandy Hook...this is Harper's Ferry, and I'm John Brown."

When it is the New York stock exchange that gets shot up to the cheers of the masses--that will be when the GOP supports gun control. Kids apparently don't count. We saw that when head start and meals on wheels got the axe but the suits on first class jets didn't.
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