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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

I wasn't meaning too much Borg, I was annoyed that the Borg was Voyagers "big Bad" instead of an ordinary little "Bad". What if the Dominion hadn't worked out, if Ira had no faith in himself, that he would scrap everything to take the easy Borg ratings... And then what would Voyager do down the line? Borg up as well? And what about Enterprise? It's not like they would consent to ratings pressure and junk their temporal coldwar or Future Guy?

Nice snap shot C.E..

I'm watching Decent Now.


They didn't know what a transwarp conduit was before this episode started, but they were able to "extrapolate" where Lore's ship came from, which turned out to only be a short jaunt of 65 light years which would have gotten them no where near the Delta Quadrant.

The extrapolation as wrong.

Lore's base of operations was only 3 weeks away from federation space at cruising speed, if we take Voyager's one thousand light years = one year as wrote. But Riker described that it would take star fleet a few days to rescue them once Beverly abandoned them.

Q threw Enterprise a year and a half away in Q Who, but then distance isn't really a problem for the Borg is it?
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