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I always wondered about that. It's so funny how annoyed and pissed he is at people who like the old stuff better than the new stuff.
I share the sentiment, though. No matter how deep Trek had sunk, how much fans it lost over the years, how much it had become a parody of itself, some people would still prefer Braga-Trek to JJ's fun stuff. Honestly, I'll always prefer old Trek to new, but it won't stop me from enjoying the reboot exactly for what it is.

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Yes, the percentage will improve considerably by May 19.
Tolkien fans said the same about The Hobbit. "It'll reach at least 85% by December 14th!"

It was at about 75% at the time. Finished with pathetic 66%.

As for STiD, it'll end up somewhere in the low 80's, I think.
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