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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

DalekJim wrote: View Post
LOVED it. Was expecting lightweight shit from last week's trailer but it was all dark and twisted too. My favourite episode of Series 7 along with Cold War. Finally Mark Gatiss starts to deliver the goods..

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I hate this Sontaran and Silurian duo, I can't stand it when they make villains into good guys. It never works.
Every now and then a post just makes me want to break something. The Silurians weren't villains.

Plus I didn't understand the plot properly, again.
How is this the show's fault? If you want simplistic shit then Star Trek Into Darkness is just round the corner y'know?

I think I was wrong when I said part 2 of series 7 was better.
It is! No Chris Chibnall, no companions that leave and come back every episode, less of a blockbustery feel and every episode has tried to do something interesting.
They certainly wern't good guys either way. Moffat has defeated the whole point of the Silurians, that they were not meant to have human faces, and now they're all green lizzard women.

In RTDs run, I never got lost. Even in the first Smith series I just about grasped it. But now it's too complicated. An I am.

We had the Rings of Akentanm or whatever. That episode alone should weigh down the entire part of the series as it's so bad.
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