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Re: “In Conversation” or “Berman and Braga vs the world.”

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In some ways, B&B's denial of responsibility mirrors Roddenberry's claims of responsibility for Star Trek's success.
Good point.

Though I will add, I had a pre-TNG LP album where it was Roddenberry discussing Star Trek (don't remember the name), and he often said something like "we did this, we did that" rather than using the singular "I".
In Solow and Justman's book they suggested how Roddenberry wouldn't directly claim credit for everything rather he wouldn't correct any of the misperceptions regarding what others contributed - that by his silence he denied others credit when credit was due them.

It was also by his silence that lead some people to believe he had been beat cop and a producer on Have Gun Will Travel.

So his were generally lies of omission.

Update: For those interested:
Inside Star Trek [Limited Edition, Import]

It is a double album CD containing both TMP soundtrack and Roddenberry's Inside Star Trek.
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