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Re: Well, I Figured its Time...

TheSeeker wrote: View Post
Wow. That is phenomenal. Love it!
Thanks mate!

Masao wrote: View Post
Back to the stationery store: a new envelope is needed!

What's the era for this ship? Do the doughnuts rotate (like a Osprey's nacelles) or are they stationary?
LOL... no the nacelles do not rotate, nor pivot, but that's a cool idea on its own

StarCruiser wrote: View Post
The top view reminds me of one of the "Red Set" battleships from Master of Orion (and MOO2).

The "Titan" from MOO is similar:
never heard of that, but that link has some interesting minis for sure

Albertese wrote: View Post
Nice! That's a cool idea.

Kaiser wrote: View Post
Epic ship =3
T J wrote: View Post
That is very very cool!
Thanks mates, very much appreciated.

reanimatedfish wrote: View Post
That's a pretty fascinating design, to me it looks like a federation ship which incorporates strong Vulcan elements. I can very easily imagine it to have a fairly standard federation color, with vulcan rusty red elements as well.

Very nice design!
that's a great visual you have just described... nice mate! And thanks!

Forbin wrote: View Post
Well alrighty then!
LOL, thanks

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
It looks cool - like a starship using Ori technology.
Ooooh the Ori, I miss those ships

lennier1 wrote: View Post

As a kid the first time I saw a very low-res screenshot of the DS9 pilot battle I thought the aft shot of that Nebula was some ship with a single round nacelle on a pillar. This ship's side view kinda reminded me of that.
That is an awesome Idea! I almost opted something like that, before I settled on the Halo's current shape... I may have to explore that one a bit more!

KNH wrote: View Post
She's one pretty lady. Is there a story behind the halo-style nacelles?
Thanks mate! They are a space Folding/jumping FTL drive. She still has conventional warp as an option, but her primary FTL is Folding space.
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