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Re: how good are star trek into darkness reviews

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So far there have been a wave of new star trek into darkness reviews and despite it not being out in the U.S. yet does anyone know compared to the 2009 movie what these reviews tell us and how well the movie is? Also right now rotten tomatoes has a 82 percent and meta critic 75 unlike the 2009 movie which had 95 on rotten tomato and 83 on meta critic but does anyone think it will get better once its released in U.S.?
There are only 17 reviews so far on Rotten Tomatoes. Three are "rotten," and 14 are "fresh." It would take 12 straight fresh reviews to round up the "Tomatometer" to 90 percent fresh. Unlikely, I'd say. Still, I'd be surprised if it slipped below the 80s, but it's probably not going to get to 95 percent, either.

ST09 started out at 100 percent and stayed there for quite a while. (One of the first "rotten" reviews was actually by the late Roger Ebert.)
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