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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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. . . if cars were to be invented today in our current mindset, they wouldn't make it on the streets. Everyone would look at the risks and tell you how insane it was to let everyone at the age of 16, 18 or 21 drive vehicles that weigh at least two tons, can move as fast as average 240 km/h and carry explosive fuel. And they would be right.
I do hope you don't mean that seriously.
Every 13 minutes someone dies in a traffic accident. Over forty thousand deaths and over two million injuries a year. Over 6 million accidents that amount to over 230 BILLION dollars of damages. And that's just the statistics for the United States.

If you presented these statistics to a world where cars haven't been invented yet, nobody would ever allow them. We are only allowed to drive cars because it was an EXTREMELY slow development from only a handful of cars that couldn't go faster than 10 mph to a world where there's almost more cars than people and each car can go up to 180 mph. It's normal now because we are totally used to the fact that THOUSANDS of people die from car related accidents. Actually, it's pretty horrifying that we allow such a thing to happen to ourselves. If you get hit and killed by a car tomorrow, it's like "Yeah, tragic, but it happens, move on."

Much, much worse with firearms. When a school class gets massacred, the NRA is like "Yeah, necessary evil for freedom, tragic, happens, more weapons would have prevented it, move on."
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.

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