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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

Sorry to say, I am in the camp there was too much Borg in Voyager. Two things in regards to that. One, the Borg were presented very differently in Voyager as opposed to TNG. In TNG they would actively analyze and adapt as Riker put it, to maintain a high level of threat. In Voyager they couldn't blow their nose unless they assimilated someone who knew how to. Not to mention there's only so many times they can show up and lose before they start to seem less of a credible threat. In the later half of Voyager, season 4 and on... they were a regular element for better and worse. They were in perhaps half a dozen TNG episodes through their whole run(and only one movie... and they were briefly in DS9's pilot)... Voyager averaged that many a season.

Then there's the nonsense that's the Borg Queen. To be fair TNG has to share the blame on that one too since they introduced her in First Contact. Once she came into the scene the Borg stopped being this alien, scary collective force... and just became another disgruntled bad guy of the week, not much different from say... Culluh. The concept of the Collective was they were supposed to be infallable, a collective mind working as one, all their strengths contributing to the whole, so it's hard to beat them or for them to make a mistake. With the Queen... now you just have an emo girl with serious rage issues who's a parody at times... just look at how insane she was in Unimatrix zero for example. Blowing up a ship of thousands to eliminate one rebel drone? May as well drop an H-bomb on New York to eliminate one terrorist.

Plus, the more a villain appears, the more watered down they get so the heroes can beat them. The first time the Borg appear they beat the Federation flagship without breaking a sweat, then they take out a whole fleet and nearly destroy Earth. As Voyager progresses, they routinely engage Cubes with little consequence or damage. Heck, there was one episode where they engaged a supercube briefly and -it- had to stop for repairs after a brief exchange of fire. And by endgame, Voyager's blasting them down like they turned godmode on in a video game. DS9 wasn't free of this either, though it wasn't quite extreme. When the Jem'Hadar were first introduced they took out a Galaxy class starship... by season 7, a runabout could take out one of them. And if you're sick of the Dominion and want them to be blown to bits... well in season 7 you may just like the... extreme measures... the Federation takes.
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