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DS9 Caption Contest 76; An awkward situation

Thanks a lot to all who participated in the last contest! Now, our winners from the last contest are;

T'Girl wrote: View Post

"Have you ever made love with a Klingon woman before?"
"No, is it different?"
"Let me put it this way, there will be seven planets left in the Earth system, after I destroy Uranus."
R. Star wrote: View Post

Kira(on com): Captain... Gul Dukat's hailing us again... he's quite upset. He's threatening to declare war if you don't respond.
Sisko: I told you! I'm busy!
Kira(on com): Yes, sir.
Sisko: (muttering) This Angry Birds level is impossible!
Triskelion wrote: View Post

Ross: Come here often?
Bashir: They're faaaaaaaaake!
Ross: <Walks off>
shivkala wrote: View Post

O'Brien: I bet you can't hock a loogie and land it on Quark there.

Worf: Challenge accepted!
Third Nacelle wrote: View Post

GARAK: So this girlfriend in Canada you're sending lingerie to, you say she's about the same size as.... you?

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post

Grilka: I know you're just about to fight a duel to the death. So I'll just remind you at the last minute: I faked every orgasm.
Congratulations to the winners!

And now the next five pictures just waiting to be captioned!

Have fun!
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