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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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just a lower level of canon, meaning that the films ( or Lucas ) took precedence if there was a conflict. It could always be overwritten, and such overwrites were already old news in the franchise by 1983.
exactly. the EU is not official canon. as such, I don't understand the unnecessary drama about shitty EU stories getting tossed in the garbage that only a very small fraction of Star Wars fans have ever read.
Not all EU is the same. Some may be shitty. Some, arguably, is not. It may have varying degrees of shittiness, like pretty much any collection of anything. Some EU has been better at consistency with the movies. Some tries to fix plot holes in the films. People may hate the very concept of the EU, but that doesn't change the fact that in some cases the EU made choices that were well thought out and logically sound given the information in the films.

A lot of the choices made by the Raiders of the Last Arcs have been shitty. It's not a question of majority rule. Screwing up the Clone Wars political situation, for example, was unnecessary. This kind of thing doesn't toss some obscure book "in the garbage". It craps on films watched by people who don't read books.
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