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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was the lessor of the three in many ways though. Has the film been released everywhere and can we dispense with spoiler code?
I completely missed noticing Stan Lee as the pageant judge.

I thought that there were a lot of plot holes or poorly explained situations. When Tony was buying all that stuff at the building supply, how was he paying for it? Did he have a credit card in his underwear? Wasn't he reported dead? If he had access to funds, why didn't he buy a higher voltage generator and repower his suit? Or a real pistol? He was staying undercover, so he didn't just phone Pepper. So how did he have any money at all?

That's just an example, but what bugged me more was the Maya Hansen character. She was ok with setting up and participating in Pepper's kidnapping and torture, she was ok with the idea of extortion and essential having Tony as slave labour, not to mention the intellectual property theft, but she was READY TO COMMIT SUICIDE in the blink of an eye without any previous character development showing any remorse, feeling of responsibility, or ethics. If she did inject herself with that Extremis serum, Killian would still have coerced Tony to work on the solution, as we saw. The entire scene didn't make a lick of sense, either logically, or in terms of her character. The point was to show Killian as ruthless, which we saw anyway.

I thought the ending scene played too much like a Transformers movie. The idea of all the suits working on their own was cute, but along with Tony running the 42 by remote, it made the whole thing impersonal. At the end, with Tony out of the armour, it gets personal again, but Tony can't handle Killian without armour. I guess the message was that it takes Tony + armour to have an Iron Man, but it didn't really gel.

You have Killian who can melt armour with his hands, and Tony who can fly in armour and has ranged attacks, and of course we end up with Tony going hand to hand with Killian. I realize it kind of required that plot device, but the fight choreography should made it the only choice. As it was it ended up just making Tony look like he can't think his way through a fight, which is supposed to be his real super power.

Losing the chest piece? Well, if Loki tries to take control of him again like in Avengers, he loses that defense.
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