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In Praise of TOS-TAS Imagery (Ships - Updated 5/5)

The TOS-TAS era remains my favorite, for many and detailed reasons that I won't go into here So I thought I'd share some of my ship image creations from the last few years. Thanks for viewing!

A Federation dilithium freighter controls two robotic drone freighters in a convoy.

The crew of the stranded Archer class scout, Rama, tow their ship over land by novel means in a plan to fix their crippled steed.

Space is big

A Starfleet member takes in the first sight of her new ship posting from the windows of a starbase.

The Enterprise cruises above the disc plane of a huge asteroidal belt system.

The Constellation II rolls out to a Class I honor guard in Earth orbit.

I'll probably upload more later. Keep an eye for updates

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