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Re: Saucer Separation

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Turned out that, after the show-off in the pilot episode, that capability was used only in a few episodes and, I dare to say, never in a decisive manner.
Never? Au contraire.

In The Best of Both Worlds, Part II, saucer separation was one of the tactics employed to distract the Borg, in Riker's battle to rescue Picard, which was a win for Riker.
It really just struck me as a fanwank, we're doing this because it's cool novelty, than a plot necessity in BoBW2. Just like that anti-matter spread thing, which wasn't ever seen or heard from before or after.
Basically that antimatter spread was very powerful (but still otherwise harmless) chaff--used by surprise at very close-range, it can temporarily blind or confuse an enemy ship so they don't notice a tiny shuttlecraft slipping up alongside it.
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