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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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BUT the main difference is: cars are tools for transportation. Guns are tools for killing. Nothing else. Of course you can use a car as a weapon as well, but you can't use a gun in any other useful way than to threaten and to kill other beings. And there's no single valid reason why a civilian needs such a tool.
WRONG. I see this argument all the time and it really annoys me because it is absolutely wrong. Guns can be used to kill people, sure, but that is not their only purpose by any means. They are primarily a recreational object but they can also be used for killing. I and many people I know have done a lot of shooting. Some have used guns for hunting, but that was a tiny fraction of what they have used them for. The rest have been 100% recreation. None have used them for killing. Guns are a recreation object and self-defense tool that can be used for killing. Knives are a cutting tool that can be used for killing. Cars are a transportation object that can be used for killing. Hammers are a tool that can be used for killing. And so on and so on (ropes, candlesticks, lead pipes, wrench, etc.)....
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