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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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The thing with faking your own death is it is boring if you don't leave breadcrumbs for the press to frenzy over, just a couple every few years. So if someone hasn't done this I think they have not faked their own death. Jim Morrison is definitely dead as is Andy Kaufman but Bruce Lee may very well be in South America.
You know this happens in fandom too, I can think of one J/C writer who's demise is uncertain and who left behind a niece to care for her legacy of fan fiction. (She actually wrote a Chakotay gets pregnant with Janeway's baby story.) She was gone before my time in the fandom, but her name still comes up.

Mostly these are not the BNF's of the fandom (Big Name Fan), but rather the 'wannabes". The only BNF in J/C that we are pretty sure died is Dakota.

I do know of one or two (or maybe more, who knows with all the sock puppets) that have tried to commit cyber subside. Which is interesting because you trash your alter ego so much you might as well be dead, but can still walk around, and if you want you can become someone else too.
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