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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

But we already knew the Borg were in the DQ from TNG and we already know the Borg are expanding rapidly every single day as their imperative towards perfection so it seems to me that not having Borg be part of an epic journey across the DQ would be more stupid than having them there.

Imagine if we never saw them, everyone would be bitching about how VOY failed by not even having the villains TNG had already told us would be there! What was the point of having a whole series set in the DQ and then not even having the Borg, those absolutely premiere villains that assimilated Picard and Q talked about?! All these "what is wrong with VOY" threads would have smug enraged tomes about how there were no Borg instead of smug enraged tomes about how there were Borg.

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