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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP


Wonderful! Many Thanks.

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On the contrary, I'm not assuming anything.
Since the nomenclature you presented doesn't match the observed facts, it was obviously an assumption. Presented with the observed facts you now arrived at a conclusion that is compatible with the observed facts.

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However, your reply is full of "suggested," "believe arose from a misinterpretation," "assuming," "enables us to assume," "as we've just seen there's not enough space," "wouldn't correspond," "Apparently," "could stand for," "find it hard to believe that," and other such language.
Rather than to make final statements or dealing in absolutes I prefer an open-minded approach that illustrates or leaves rooms for options. The goal is to get a deck plan reproduction that is optimal in terms of onscreen-accuracy and onscreen-compatibility. I already realized that it's better to have two corridors of equal length on Deck 5, it's better to move Janice's cabin from "Charlie X" to the port side and at least I should give it a try to illustrate a Deck 3 with Pike's cabin (at the expense of the LB corrior, obviously).

I usually try to avoid making statements I'll regret later.

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I just think you're overanalyzing visual evidence that is contradictory at best, and at worst is meant to provide a wonderful canvas for story telling, rather than detailing the floor plan of the ship.
You're entitled to your opinion, and in case there's any misunderstanding I also feel that the stories are more important and the essence of Star Trek than floor plans of starships. But I do have a soft spot for it and think that credible floor plans will essentially add to the stories and the believability of what we saw on screen.

Where I object is this "contradictory at best" as this is among these lines "they didn't know what they where doing". Since fans making such claims had not been eye-witnesses to the actual production they do not know, therefore such statements are a show of despicable disrespect for the fine people that brought us Star Trek and usually this is just a lame excuse for not doing in-depth research.

Check out the "Jud Taylor Conection": He was the director of "Wink of an Eye" (# 68), "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" (# 70) and "The Mark of Gideon" (# 72).

In WE the briefing room set was converted into Environmental Engineering with pipes extending to the decks above and below, leaving little space on one side of the (enlarged) set other than for a stairway of the deck above (or below).
In LB we then saw the obvious existence of a Rec Room 3 on two decks (4 & 5) which indicated the existence of a stairway connecting these two decks. And finally, in MG we obviously saw this stairway in use when Kirk carried Odona out of the room, apparently coming from the upper deck(s).

Now either that's a colossal coincidence or a clear hint that the DP and Matt Jefferies were giving more thought to such details than most fans usually assume.

One thing that's really driving this project is the amount of convergence I constantly discover in little details just as the aforementioned one which I think are worthy to justify my lengthy text comments.
The basic assumption (and that's all it can ever be) is that the producers knew exactly what they were doing and it's our "job" to reconstruct that knowledge.

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Don't get me wrong; I'm admiring the work you're putting into this immensely, but I think you're allowing your assumptions about Deck 3, 4, 5, etc. to bog you down.
No need to worry. Since I have to assume (...) that you're not roaming the Trek BBS just to find fault with others, I take your remarks in the positive sense, i.e. that you showed interest and concern. That's exactly the kind of feedback I'd like to see more often, especially if it enables me to rethink an idea or theory. While this is still the stage of heavy WIP I'd eventually like to arrive at a set of deck plans that's palatable to most trekkers.

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The numbers on the doors could simply be "comm numbers" for the quarters (as suggested by 3C 42 being on the side of Kirk's command chair).
Yes. Especially considering Kirk's cabin in "The Conscience of the King" was "3F 121" while the close-by sections they ordered to be sealed off were "C4" and "C5".

Therefore, things like "3F" probably indicate power grids or the like, but not sections. That's the kind of constructive feedback I'm talking about...

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