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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I went and saw Iron Man 3 on Wednesday with a few mates as it had been out a while here and we have this thing called Orange Wednesday. Anyway, that's beside the point.

Outside of the MCU films, I know very little about Iron Man, I know Stark is an alcoholic, an egotistical narcissist who just so happens to be very intelligent and I loved this film, it wasn't as good as Avengers Assemble, but it certainly flew circles around Iron Man 2 and was on par with the first one.

Even though I loved this film, there was some obvious moments throughout, the human bombs, the fact Stark saved the survivors from Air Force One and the fact that Pepper lived (sorry, was anyone dumb enough to believe that when she fell, she would have died?) and she not only saved Stark once, but twice!

The humour in the film was a nice touch, the joke about Croydon got a giggle out of the cinema, as did the "pussy" comment Stark made to the boys dad running off and the conversation about New York that gave Stark the anxiety attack got a guilty laugh from me and a few others. Trevor was just a riot and given that AIM created him as a front as the Manderen from a focus group was a nice touch and made perfect sense as did the VPs decision to get rid of the President and committing mutiny although until the reveal, I thought it was him who was missing a limb.

Overall it was a great film, of course it had a few minor problems, but what movie doesn't?

And finally, the post credit scene, that was a very unexpected gem and it framed the story brilliantly, seeing who Stark was talking to, also made sense given the friendship that grew in Avengers Assemble, but he isn't that kind of Doctor.............
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