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Re: characters getting stick for not being "perfect"?

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I liked Riker and never found him overbearing, but your mileage may vary. He was hardly flawless, but the flaws were mostly interesting.

I also think that Wesley gets a lot of unnecessary flak. He did save the crew and the ship on more than one occasion, although I did want to kick the writers sometimes for making the adults seem so stupid and blind just so Wes could shine (Datalore and The Game come to mind).
I didn't think Riker was that bad, although at times I found him to be rather...slimy. But I suppose that was intentional.

Agree on Wesley, I never understood why he gets so much hate, because except for a few episodes that seem to be written only to give Wesley a dose of self-esteem and let him be the best and brightest even though he's still just a kid and all the others have years of experience, I actually found him rather nice. Although the scenario of Dr. Crusher conveniently inactivating Data in The Game seemed a little too forced.
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