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Well, there's definitely a bit of that sprinkled in as well. To me, that's not as important, because of my own personal background (and I don't really like that particular discussion either). On that particular point it's that I'd rather see the embracing of diversity, not more white males, especially straight British ones. Someone had pointed out that every movie villain since Khan had indeed been portrayed by a white person (although we did at least have a couple women, even if they were secondary). It just seems odd.

And like, it's only nitpicking. It's akin to people wondering where the black people were in Star Wars. You can still love it and be entertained by it and still wonder why it ends up being that way. Some people here just seem to paint it with a very broad brush where it's all or nothing, as if a white Khan is like a make-or-break thing for the movie or that people lose sleep over it or something. While that's possibly the case for some, that's definitely not the case for me. I'll be there opening night, and I still remain excited to see it.
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