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Re: Debris from 9/11 plane found 12 years on

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Saw that. A pretty interesting and poignant story after all these years since the attacks. The conspiracy theorists are already concocting stories that it was planted there by lowering it on a rope (a battered old rope is attached to this piece of the plane) in order to further cement the "proof" that civilian airliners hit the Twin Towers that day (i.e. the predictable "Inside Job" and Truther idiots).

It'll be interesting to follow the developments surrounding this find.
Really, I hadn't seen those. I did see people on another forum theorizing it was planted by right wingers. The building it is behind is the same building that houses the ground zero masque. They were theorizing that right wingers placed stolen wreckage from 9/11 there to help drum up more anti-most press since it is no longer a community center, just a masque, and none of the non masque activities have been canceled.

One person was even suggesting that the contractors who took the 9/11 wreckage were members of the mob, and that the mob were adding the right wingers.

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Glad it was something a bit smaller than a landing gear and more believable for not being noticed for a while. When they first reported it, I couldn't fathom how nobody could have not noticed an entire bloody landing gear for the past 12 years! Gratified that the media finally got around to temporarily unfucking itself to report what really happened.
I know someone who has done surveying jobs in the city. He said there are places between buildings there where the only people ever to go are surveyors. His company had a job once where the gap between buildings was only like 12 to 14 inches.
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