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I don't like it when character development is sacrificed for the plot or for special effects. This is a point that TrekMovie raises in their review.
And I disagree with them. Heaps of character development permeates this new movie! More than we saw in most previous ST movies!

yet Into Darkness still plays a bit fast and loose with Trek canon and continues the style of upping the action at the expense of and some character development.
Have you seen it? No, and you've given away your ticket, if I recall correctly.

What "canon" has been dispensed with, considering this is a new timeline?

throwback wrote: View Post
I am not opposed to change.
Last week you were so opposed to change, you offered up your advanced-sale cinema ticket - for free.

I do have a question, which I am crediting to my mother - Supposedly Khan had this blood that could revive life. Bones revives a tribble with this blood, then revives Kirk with Tribble/Khan blood. If Khan had this blood, couldn't have he saved his wife from dying?
Perhaps Harrison added nanites to his own circulatory system after being revived? He's had years of working for Section 31.

McCoy doesn't use the blood from any of the other 72, he wants to use Khan's.


Perhaps Khan on Ceti Alpha V had no idea of the qualities of his blood? Marla was sent insane, and then killed, by a Ceti eel boring into her brain. Perhaps not a curable condition.
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