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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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It's too bad that Filoni and the other Raiders of the Lost Arcs didn't just quietly ride off into the sunset instead of somehow managing to further screw up canon even after the cancellation of the show.
The EU is tie-in literature only a small minority of fans cared about and as such this was always a possibility, Lucas lied about it being canon just deal with it, you're less likely to break a blood vessel that way.
Huh? In what way did Lucas lie about it?

Star Wars isn't Star Trek. It's not a question of only filmed properties being "canon" and everything else being "non-canon". In Star Wars the idea was supposed to be that the literature, etc. was canon, just a lower level of canon, meaning that the films ( or Lucas ) took precedence if there was a conflict. It could always be overwritten, and such overwrites were already old news in the franchise by 1983.

And it's still possible for TCW to screw things up even if the EU is treated as though it doesn't exist. ( Senate Spy, anyone? ) For example, the approach they take with Order 66 could end up effectively ignoring what AOTC told us about the clones. Though all EU is not created equal, some of it is good at logical consistency with the films. In other words, with some creators you can see the investment of effort to such consistency. With others, not so much.
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