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Re: Regarding next X-Box and "always online"

They call it 'Always online'.

I call it 'They reserve the right to micromanage the way I play their games'.

They can force upgrades, they can censor-patch, they can completely shut down the used market, or they can completely disable my ability to play the game at will. And it paves the way for forcing you to pay a subscription service just to keep playing a game you payed for.

If all major consoles switch to any model other than 'Pay once, play forever', and make me keep paying to play games I already bought, I will never buy another new game, period.

There have been hundreds of great games released in the last 30 years, and I don't have to pay another dime to keep paying them. I can entertain myself until I die without buying a single new game. So, always online, no more money from me. Your call Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.
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