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Re: TMP special longer version.... where to buy legally? (region 1)

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The TV showing was horribly dark. The VHS version corrected that.
That's probably why I seem to recall it looking out-of-sorts and rough. Good info.

As for "stuff from the cutting room floor" and "unfinished sets", in one extended scene the latter is true...if you notice it. It doesn't stand out (in my opinion).
I didn't notice the unfinished set (Spock exiting the Enterprise to meld with V'ger) on my DVD copy until it was pointed out to me (and I have probably watched the movie somewhere around 75 times since '79).

Opinion: No matter which version is being discussed I liked the TMP, and feel it has gotten a bum rap. Almost like people are overly harsh about it because there is sort of a bandwagon thing going on.

The rest of the extended scenes are screen-worthy in every way. They just make for alternate presentations of scenes.
My opinion: the added scenes do a bit more than just providing an "alternate presentation." I seem to recall they justified their inclusion by the positive affect they had on the overall film - to the point where I originally felt TMP would have fared better critically if they'd been there from the start.

Of course, no right or wrong on this point just an alternate recollection and opinion.

I never realized the longer version has never come out on DVD. After it was released on VHS it became the only version you could buy. Now the opposite is true? Weird.
Same thing with "The Wrath of Kahn" extended version where I believe it was released on laser disc but, not to my knowledge anyway, DVD.

Eventually someone at Paramount will realize this is a great way to get fans to re-purchase both films (hopefully on Blu-ray ).
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