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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Really? Name 40?
Here y'go
Elected people are given power politely, and Princesses are born to be Queens... A serious question is how many females have taken power through force in history?


They called her a queen, but really she was just a savage in charge of couple dozen thatched hut villages who didn't understand what Rome was.

Of course that's back when women had to beat a man in a knife fight. Which isn't difficult for someone with the correct training... But guns levelled the playing field. A woman with a gun is just as dangerous as man with a gun.

Joan of Arc was "just" a General, but the King was a boy who didn't do shit.

Leslie Hope could have been easily elected into power, or she could have financially bought the presidency, or the presidency could fall to the most influential business person, or she could have killed thousands of men and women with a machine gun earning her throne on top of a million polished skulls just like Munroe with sweat and blood.

I'm sorry?

What's the argument?
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