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I was cooking some food in a microwave oven I bought new slightly over four months ago. The food needed stirring and a change to lower power part way through. After the stir I programed the lower power and cook time and pressed the "Button" to start the cycle...

The whole appliance went dark. Interior light wouldn't even come on when I opened the door. Got my outlet tester out and determined the outlet was live. Noticed oven would briefly come on and appliance would chirp when I closed the door. Would do the same if I bumped it on the side. Unplugged for over a minute and plugged back in, with no improvement.

The one bright spot is that manufacturer isn't wanting me to ship the unit to them. Not quite as bright, the manufacturer wants a letter containing the receipt, label from the back of the appliance and photo of cut power cord to Vancouver, BC (I live in Virginia USA). Refund of purchase price (not including sales tax or international postage) might take six weeks.
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