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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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That makes no sense.
It might not make sense to you, but it makes sense to everyone else.

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So, either Pa Kent is saying Clark should let children drown, or the people editing the trailers think thats what the movie should show.
Let's try again...

this "editing" is done in such a way for trailers and or previews for t.v. shows to generate interest or misdirect. For example, in the new Star Trek trailer, there's two shots of the Enterprise burning in orbit followed by a shot of a different ship crashing in the water. The intent is to make the viewer think that it's the Enterprise that is crashing thus generating excitement or interest.
Got it? You don't know what the conversation will be based on 7 seconds of out of context dialogue.

Are you really going to assert that misdirection in a trailer is due to the trailer makers thinking THAT'S how the movie should be?


kirk55555 wrote: View Post
Either way, it is not helping the movie, and its really stupid.
It's "not helping the movie"? The one that hasn't been released yet and so an accurate gauge of how it's helping or hurting can't yet be made?

In fact, this is one of the most talked about scenes in the first trailer and interest has been generated to see if Pa Kent is really saying that and if he is, what could make him say that.

See how it works? Either way, people will be buying tickets to find out. Just like people will be buying to tickets to see what makes the "Enterprise" crash into the water. Oh, it's not the Enterprise. Psych!

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Without those cartoons or "funny books" you wouldn't be watching this crappy movie, just so you know.
You don't say.

I mean it's not like the character I use as my avatar isn't a character that was created by Gardner Fox and Jack Burnley for DC Comics in 1941. I think I can safely say that I've thrown more comics away from my personal collection than you've read.

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
He's going to be a dark, brooding hero
Brooding doesn't equal "dark". Neither does "Introspective". Otherwise Spider-Man would be a "dark" hero because when I was reading Spider-Man his luck was shit and he was ALWAYS reflecting on that while somehow dredging up enough will to continue slogging on doing the right thing. Quite frankly it was depressing.

And no one considered or considers him "dark". They consider Wolverine and the Punisher "dark".

At best Clark looks more introspective and contemplative in his formative years.....which is all that's really been shown of him in the trailers. So we'll have to wait and see how he is once he starts his Superman / Daily Planet career.

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
If I hate everything someone does, down to their very way of doing things, then its not overreacting to say I'll hate the next thing they're doing.
You've actually said that you hate this movie. Not "there's a pretty good chance I'll hate this movie" but "I hate this movie".

Let me give you an example of why you cannot claim this without seeing the movie. We'll flip "hate" to "love" here....

I love Wes Anderson movies. I own them all. He's got a new movie coming out called "The Grand Budapest Hotel".

Can I say "I love "The Grand Budapest Hotel" without having actually seen it?


Can I say that based on my love of Wes Anderson's previous movies that there's a probability that I will also enjoy this movie?


Is it possible that Wes Anderson will make a movie I'll dislike?


Will I know that one way or the other without having seen it?


The same applies for "hating" a movie.

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
Micahel Bay is crazy successful. He also has few defenders among people who aren't 13 year old boys
To be honest I don't think you're much older than 13. Not an insult or anything, you just come off like an average teenager. Probably because you use "stupid" and "idiotic" in the same exact way most teenagers do, i.e. too much and in WTF? ways.

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
Popularity/success doesn't always equal good. I know I keep going with Bay, but his similarities to Nolan and others is weird.
Nolan's movies are both successful and well regarded by both critics and audiences as more intelligent than most of the crap out there. So your comparison is off. It's like if I pointed out that Rush is a talented, successful band and well respected by their peers and you bringing up Justin Beiber to say that "popularity / success doesn't equal good".

They're not the same type of music makers, nor are Nolan and Bay the same type of movie makers.

Both Rush and Nolan are skilled at their craft and excel in it. Just because you don't enjoy their music / films doesn't mean they lack skill and talent. They have more than enough of both.

Once not liking something or someone does not make them bad.

Carcazoid wrote: View Post
It's exhausting to read all the reviews of a movie written by people who have only seen a few trailers and tv ads.
Set Harth wrote: View Post
How can someone review a movie they haven't seen?

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
This thread=Out of Control
Calm down Cap'n. I've seen threads go out of control, this ain't it. As soon as some new pix or info comes out we'll all be talking about how crazy awesome it is. Well, almost all of us.
"Everyone Booze Up And Riot!!"
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