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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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Your idea of theft has nothing to do with what theft actually is. Now who is the liar?
You'll just have to do your own investigative work. Maybe you'll appreciate facts more if you have to work for them...
Yeah, hard work, more Puritan lessons.
Investigative work into the dark secrets of Roddenberry's life? I am impressed, that must be your life achievement.

Perhaps you had better spent that time learning what theft actually is before you wrongly accuse a dead mean of it. Such behaviour is quite disgusting. Where I come from adultery might not be a big thing ... but libel and pissing on a grave actually are.
He's using "theft" in an informal sense. Roddenberry liked to take credit for things he really shouldn't have. I doubt he'd be arrest for that, but "theft" seems to be a fair way to express it. While expecting GR to be faithful to his wife might be "Puritan", expecting him not to exploit his employees and coworkers isn't. Up the workers and all that.
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