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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

I wanted to like Revolution, love the premise(even if I liked it more in Dies the Fire, and without working firearms), but whatever good will I had towards this show is gone.

Magical nanites? Silly, but I'll give it a pass because it sets up the premise.

Setting the show fifteen years after the event? Horrible waste of the premise.

Picking two boring kids as the leads? Boring(but half way fixed recently).

Ignoring time and distance? Increasingly hard to overlook as our heroes travel vast distances on foot(Philly to Atlanta) seemingly between commercial breaks.

And now characters are behaving stupidly for no other reason than that the writers on this show are utterly dopey and clueless.

Just from the latest episode, things that jumped out at me;

-Georgia president sends Neville(WHO SHE HAS NO REASON TO TRUST AT ALL) to be her watchdog over Miles.

-Miles somehow arriving alone at his hometown, just so reinforcements can arrive at the dramatically appropiate time later on.

-Google guy's ex-wife being in some sort of B-plot, that neither impacts his character or the story in any way. Seriously, it could have been edited out entirely, utter filler. And filler that doesn't even make sense. She kills a militia sergeant and then for some reason her family goes to Texas without her? Are the writers even awake when they write this stuff?

-Monroe being utterly stupid, and mustache twirling evil just because he needs to be the villain(not a new concern, he's always been this way). But particularly worse in the latest episode.
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