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yeah, but Indians who live in the UK all their lives don't all of a sudden turn as pale as Benedict Cumberbatch!
Put a pic of Cumberbatch and the "Space Seed" Khan side-by-side. Is the skin tone really all that different? (As different as two Saaviks' faces? As different as two Kirks' eye colours? As different as two Cochrans' faces?)

But, yeah, Meyers never gave a reason why Khan was all of a sudden pale and blonde in TWOK when he was neither in Space Seed.
He wasn't blond, his hair had gone grey/white. Stress brought on by the changes to Ceti Alpha V, the loss of his wife, failures of the Eugenics tech. All or some of these.

How do people tan? Melanin. What gives some clines darker skin tones? Presence of more melanin. Remove exposure to sunlight and the skin goes paler. Melanin. In STiD, Harrison's melanin has had different exposure to sunlight to Khan of "Space Seed".

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
If harping on Cumberbatch's ethnicity is the best the complainers can do, well bless their anxious little hearts. It's monotonous, but bless 'em.
Exactly. What's next? Only gay actors can audition for gay characters? Only blue-eyed actors can audition for blue-eyed characters?

I don't recall too much outrage when Linda Hunt won an Academy Award for playing a male Chinese-Australian photographer, Billy Kwan, in "The Year of Living Dangerously". She was simply the best actor for the job.
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