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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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You may actually want to read up on what Roddenberry did to Justman and Courage and Fontana and Gerrold before calling it a "low-shot".
Life is finite, time is limited. I have better things to do than read hagiographies or condemnations of Roddenberry.
Well, here's an FYI...

He wouldn't allow Justman, Gerrold and Fontana to have co-creator credit on TNG even though they deserved the credit. It would have upset the "Holy Order of the Rod".

He wrote "lyrics" to the TOS end music so Alexander Courage would have to share any royalties that were made with Roddenberry.

Just for starters...

Roddenberry wasn't a very nice human being.
Cool story. Still waiting for the theft part though.

First, saying that somebody deserved to get credit has nothing to do with money. Second, putting lyrics to the music can have many motives. But even if we assume that it was purely done by Roddenberry in order to get part of the future income it wasn't theft. It was a trick or an exploitation of Courage but certainly not theft.

There is a difference between being a dick and being a thief.
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