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Re: Chris Pine Signed up for two more Star Trek movies

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Fun fact: The Nibiru mission in STID's opening scene is the first time a Trek move has actually shown any exploration.
What were Chekov and Terrell doing when they thought they were beaming down to the garden spot of Ceti Alpha VI?
"Starship log, stardate 8130.4. Log entry by First Officer Pavel Chekov. Starship Reliant on orbital approach to Ceti Alpha VI in connection with Project Genesis. We are continuing our search for a lifeless planet that will satisfy the requirements of a test site for the Genesis experiments. This is the sixteenth planet we have visited. So far, no success."
That was more of a research mission, IMO, but would it satisfy you if I rephrased that and said the Nibiru mission is the first time a Trek movie has shown the Enterprise (any Enterprise) doing any exploring?
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