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Re: Is the NuEnterprise's secondary hull one big engine room?

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Bingeneering was pretty jarring for me at first because we're so used to a consistent design ethic in Trek from bridge to corridors to quarters to engineering, so to travel in seconds from the Apple iBridge to a vast machinery-laden plant out of the third act of every Terminator movie took me by surprise.

But after I thought about it for a while, I wondered, why would you bother with keeping up appearances between such disparate sections of the ship? Is it meant to be functional, or is it meant to impress admirals during inspections? I figured this was simply a more functional, less eye candy filled version of the Enterprise modeled on the USS Kelvin's internal layout after it performed as well as could be expected against a massive new technologically advanced threat to the Federation.

If the higher ups want to be impressed by interior decorating, they can go visit the USS Hilton. The Enterprise is a sports car with state of the art controls and a transparent hood so you can see the engine operating.

If so, then the transparent hood is so we can see the hamsters running or their circular treadmill to power the thing ... that'd be in keeping with most of the AbramsEnt lowerdecks fittings looking to be seriously retrograde. The clip from the new movie really just makes it look like every time the ship gets pounded, you're going to be scraping crew off any level they splat against on their way down. At least the guys falling into the core in TWOK and TUC had to work at it a little to actually fall that way, these guys could probably sneeze during a banking maneuver and wind up history.
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