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Re: The Bonding with 6 min of extra footage

It's incredible. I wonder how many other areas of the Enterprise D were subject to oblivion on the cutting room floor.

Has anyone else noticed that Troi often has to explain her mixed heritage to people that assume she's a full empath... meaning she isn't able to read thoughts? This is where I was forming a conception of it being a racist statement - although perhaps it's more accurate to say prejudiced than racist.

When Jeremy says, "you're a Betazoid, don't you know what I'm thinking" or something to that effect, he is assuming that she is a full empath. Ultimately, we all know it is his likely his anger at losing his mother which is surfacing... he doesn't actually have any serious resentment towards Troi for being Betazoid and probably doesn't want to endure the line of questioning.

However, is it true that some Betazoids don't have the ability to sense emotions at all? I think Tam Elbrum mentions that in Tin Man. Again, a source of prejudice to assume all Betazoids are fully empathic.

I was trying to imagine how the episode would have played out as a holodeck escape as SeerSGB suggested... I think it would have made a lot more sense as it would be a likely reaction to someone losing a loved one in TNG's universe. I can imagine being tempted to do so if I lost a loved one... maybe even simply for closure.
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