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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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Not so much about his sex life but how he treated women while preaching about a better future. Sort of like a religious figure preaching against homosexuality then being found gobbling a snake on the Men's Room floor.

Roddenberry had a great vision, but the guy was a creep. A proven liar, thief and adulterer.
Yep, burn the adulterer on the pyre.
It wasn't the middle ages but the sixties so how the hell do you know what kind of arrangement he had with his wife? Not everybody is a Puritan and adultery is no crime. Ever read stats about it? The fraction of people who cheat in their life is around .5. Talking about preaching, it looks like you will be very busy.

Thief? Now that's a pathetic low shot, even for Roddenberry bashers. If Roddenberry is a thief every Westerner is a thief because he indirectly exploits somebody in the 3rd world.

The guy started a sci-fi franchise I like and most of his ideas were good. Not being a saint while having a vision of a better future does not make you a hypocrite. It's as if somebody said that people who fight against climate change yet use planes are hypocrites or that rich people who want higher taxes are hypocrites.
Obviously this is just an attempt to obfuscate that one doesn't really care about Roddenberry's vision.
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