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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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Well, if we wanted to protect children from things that are killing them in large numbers we would ban children from riding in cars, and then ban cars because for every child who gets shot (usually by gang bangers or adults on rampages), a dozen are run over in the street. Every day about six kids die in auto accidents and about 700 are injured.
Yes, and then we can all go back to riding horses until we have to ban them because every day sixty kids are tossed from the horses, and after that we can go back to walking until we have to ban that because of the rampant mountain lion attacks, and then we'll all be back in our cars again until we finally get cheap, reliable jet packs.

Cars and guns are not a reasonable comparison in purpose, frequency of use, or necessity of ownership.

The analogy also falls through since we apply all kinds of restrictions, registration requirements, and regulations upon car manufacturing, ownership, and use, whereas any attempts to discuss the same with guns nowadays immediately comes up against the brick wall of the NRA lobby.

We couldn't even get a watered down "expanded" background check bill through the Senate when the vast majority of the US population supported it. We even have bullshit fearmongering about UN Arms Trade Treaties that have nothing to do with domestic gun ownership. It's a disgrace.
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