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Hollywood Reporter review by Todd McCarthy (BEWARE: VERY, VERY FULL OF SPOILERS):
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Only these links? You ought to take the word negative out of your google search.

Why not post a link to Variety's review, or the other 15 that read just like it?
Didn't know "Variety's" review was out. Just read it. Wow. That's what I like to read.

Here's the link, by the way:

I posted the links to the negative reviews because they are so utterly and completely negative that they stand out as odd. I certainly don't agree with them at all, and as reviews of movies go, they have the "I don't like it because it's not the movie I wanted Abrams to make" stink to them.

Some of the best bits from those three reviews mashed together: The action sequences aren't really any good. Really? The 3D sets back the technology. Really? The movie disgraces the franchise. Really? It's mostly the retelling of "Nemesis". What? Cumberbatch is monotonic and wasted in the movie. Really? Kirk is too young to have a meaningful life-changing conflict with Khan, yet. Really?

To me, few things are more fun to read than really bad bad reviews.
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