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Re: Children's scifi and fantasy: an appeal to your collective memory

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The other is a fantasy novel (or possibly series of novels) about some children all around the world with some special powers, that have to come together to prevent something bad from happening. I think the story tracks some of the children on their search for the remaining children, while being chased or obstructed by the villain. Part of it might play in China, but I could be wrong about that. I'm less certain about the time of publishing here, but it can't have been later than mid nineties, I suspect, but again, probably earlier.
This wouldn't be Chocky, would it? I better remember the BBC series adapted from it - Chocky's Choice, Chocky's Challenge, Chocky's Children, not sure in what order.

Though in reading the summary, I'm not sure it's that close a fit at all.

If that's not it, then before you wander into the wilds of Google, you might give AbeBooks a try, massive database of children's books searchable by keywords, date, etc. My sisters and I were tracking down old childrens' books when my niece was born and we found it very useful.
I don't think it's "Chocky", but thanks for the info and for the AbeBooks link!

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I also need some help remembering the name of a novel. This is what I remember:

The protagonist is a baseball player, war starts with an alien race, he goes off to war, the aliens have the ability to shoot lasers from their stalked single-eyes, if a hole is punched in a spaceship the humans have a gun that shoots out a rapidly expanding sticky blob to seal it. Near the end the protagonist is face to face with an injured alien on the moon (?) the alien keeps blinking his eye at the guy, which the guy interprets as the alien trying to attack him. The guy saves the aliens life, then the guy falls unconscious.

When he comes to in a hospital, the war has ended and it was discovered that the aliens 'lasers' were actually signal beams and the war started over a misunderstanding.
Wish I could help here, but this doesn't sound familiar at all to me. Which is not saying much.
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