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Re: Is the NuEnterprise's secondary hull one big engine room?

Bingeneering was pretty jarring for me at first because we're so used to a consistent design ethic in Trek from bridge to corridors to quarters to engineering, so to travel in seconds from the Apple iBridge to a vast machinery-laden plant out of the third act of every Terminator movie took me by surprise.

But after I thought about it for a while, I wondered, why would you bother with keeping up appearances between such disparate sections of the ship? Is it meant to be functional, or is it meant to impress admirals during inspections? I figured this was simply a more functional, less eye candy filled version of the Enterprise modeled on the USS Kelvin's internal layout after it performed as well as could be expected against a massive new technologically advanced threat to the Federation.

If the higher ups want to be impressed by interior decorating, they can go visit the USS Hilton. The Enterprise is a sports car with state of the art controls and a transparent hood so you can see the engine operating.

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