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Re: Isn't The Special, The Docudrama and Big Finish Enough [50th Spoil

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What I love about that article, by the way, is the final paragraph: "If your head hurts now, wait until someone asks Moffat what happened to the whole 'an image of an Angel becoming an Angel' thing. That's a lot of dangerous New York postcards, right there..." Is it just me, or is Radio Times snarking at Moffat there?
Not only that, but Sally Sparrow was a photographer who took numerous pictures of them. With that in mind, the whole 'an image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel' thing felt bizarrely inconsistent when it was introduced.
Sally, at least, should be safe for now. The Doctor said that those Angels he encountered on Earth were scavengers and barely surviving. The Angel that attempted to reach Amy via the video screen, was said to be reaching out with its new found power, having feasted on the energy from the Byzantium's engines.

It would appear that any photo, or video, taken of an Angel is still connected, or is another aspect of the original Angel. New York's fucked though.
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