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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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horatio83 wrote:
So what? The first pilot was still better and Roddenberry was rightly pissed off that he had to Western-ify his Star Trek.
I'm curious as to what you mean by this. His pitch was "Wagon Train to the stars" and he was trying to duplicate the tone, style and attitudes of the "Adult Westerns" that were popular at the time.
There were no Western elements in "The Cage". He delivered his pilot, a typical 50s/60s kind of sci-fi story with a light psychoanalytical touch. For the guys from NBC it was too brainy and they wanted more action/adventure. So perhaps Western-ify is the wrong word and it is more precise to say that the two pilots rather show that this conflict between story depth and action has been with Trek since its birth.
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