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Re: Is This The Next Doctor?

I remember first seeing him on dr who confidential, and I was round a freinds house with other freinds, and one freind said "he's nowhere near as good as the old doctor", and I thought why not give him a chance, and when I heard he was going to wear a long leather coat, I thought "ok, he's gonna be cool!", and this was before I knew the tardis and sonic screwdriver and so on were changing, so i thought the whole idea suited the show. A while later I first saw the doctors bow tie and geography teacher outfit and I approved. When I saw Smith in the brief scene in the end of time, I instantly thought this guy's crazy, he's so gonna become my favourite doctor, how wrong I was. I blame Moffat.

Bt still, hope with doctor #12. I hav a feeling Smith will last a while longer though.
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