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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Your "evidence" amounts to measuring inaccurate and low resolution fan art, and obsolete assumptions based on pre-reboot Trek.
You gave me a link to the "correct" (higher resolution) version, whose attributes are the exact same size.
Which are still based on false assumptions. The bridge window is an absolute. The shuttles and shuttlebay are absolute. What we've seen of the ship's interior is absolute. None of which jibes with the numbers you came up with. None of which indicate a ship the size of the TOS or TMP Enterprises.
Franklin wrote:
-- Length: 2500 feet (only 103 feet from 2397, maybe someone rounded up, but it's not 1200 feet, either).
So there's still no internal consistency. Got it. How can I argue with a measurement that's never the same twice?
How can you argue it's the same size as the old Enterprise when there is so much overwhelming evidence that it's significantly larger? There comes a point when you're ignoring every single VFX shot - and you are there.
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